Review: Bifesta Cleansing Lotion

I used to only remove my makeup by washing my face with soap. Bad habit, I know. But then again I was only a pressed powder & lipbalm kind of girl even back in college so I thought that was enough. But now that I’m having a full coverage routine and using heavier duty products a makeup remover is definitely a must.

And *drumroll* my weapon of choice is Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, a Japanese water-based makeup remover.

I have tried cleansing oils in the past but I must say, I prefer this kind of makeup remover. It’s refreshing to actually wipe off the day’s makeup with something that’s only like water. Bifesta really gets the job well done in cleansing but of course, I still use my St. Ives facial cleanser right after. Just to be on the safe side. 😛

Bifesta comes in four variants: Moist (dry and sensitive skin), Sebum (combination-oily), Bright-up (dull and flaky), and Agecare (mature). My first ever bottle was the Moist variant. I originally wanted Sebum but it wasn’t available at Watson’s then. I’m finally using the Sebum variant right now however, I must say I like Moist more because I dislike how Sebum can be so drying and my skin feels tight right after using it.


Well, based from the picture posted above, I’m almost about to finish the bottle. I guess it’s because I tend to use a lot of product especially when removing eye makeup. One bottle would last me two months and a half, I think.


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