Put on your warpaint. FOB in Manila!


I could cry ugly tears right now because finally I got to see my favorite band! 🙂

Looking through my files, I realized that I didn’t have any high quality photos. 😦 But then again, I was at the moshpit section and was jumping around like mad to even take good pictures anyway. (((secretly envies those people who have SLRs)))

I’ve been an FOB fan since I was in high school and when they first had their concert here I was one of the fans whose parents didn’t allow her to go on shows yet. It broke my heart when news came out that they’ve already disbanded but omg, they came back and I’m sure it made a lot of kids happy! The Save Rock & Roll album is amazing mostly because it’s a far cry from their previous Folie A Deux record. Save Rock & Roll is the FOB I love. It’s all about good ‘ol “we are the anti-heroes, and we don’t care. now let’s have some fun!” music. It’s brilliant!

20130808_221346  20130808_221409 20130808_221419 20130808_212149

It’s most overwhelming to hear all the songs I used to listen all the time live. It’s such an amazing experience! There’s only the music and the cheers and Patrick Stump’s voice. :3 K. I am very much biased. XDDD I loved the dude even when he used to be all chubby and awkward with sideburns. 🙂 When they came out, I was like, ●﹏● OH DEAR LORD WHY DID YOU CREATE SUCH A PERFECT FLAWLESS AMAZING ETC ETC ETC PERSON NAMED PATRICK STUMP TT^TT Also, when FOB finally performed Grand Theft Autumn, I definitely went batshit cray. Favorite song, baby! 🙂 ヽ(`Д´)ノ I think Phoenix however was the song that made us all dance and jump around because  c’mon, that catchy chorus!

Anyway, here is a picture of me before the concert and afterwards. I looked so haggardo versoza oh! LOL.



(Before the concert, and after)

I didn’t wear much make-up because I knew I’d be all sweaty anyway! HAHA. XD Nothing high maintenance, just some tinted moisturizer, concealer and powder and of course, did my eyebrows. And just to share, I was at the venue by 12 NN (gates didn’t open until 6!) because I still had to buy my last minute tickets. #foreveralone tuloy ang peg! LOL. Worth it naman of course! Thank you for a rocking show, Fall Out Boy. Until next time! 🙂


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