Review: Clinique Different Lipstick in Glazed Berry

Hello everyone. 🙂 It’s officially the start of the rainy season in my country. Everything feels rather chill and gloomy. Also, I finally went back to work yesterday after being sick for five days. Whew. I still feel like The Walking Dead. My Mom says my eyes still haven’t got their *~sparkle~* back. LOL WHAT MOM? XDDDD


Anyway. I’ve been using this Clinique lipstick a lot lately. It’s sheer, fuss-free and I love it.

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Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon

Forgive me. I will babble a bit.

Honestly, I never had such a preference for pinks. My first lipstick was a red one and I’ve stuck to deep shades ever since. I do have some pinks in my stash though, but mostly they come in fuschia or some raging hot pink. I’ve tried light pink and corals too, some creamy and some sheer, but they never sat well on my lips. Instead of brightening my face, they made me look washed out.

However, I found a new love for plums and berry shades last year and purchased MAC Craving. I also decided to step out of my comfort zone and purchase a rosy pink lipstick along with it which was MAC Mehr. To my surprise, despite the color, I really did loved how it looked on me.

I guess that’s what started my love affair with pinks. I found that just like a beautiful red, there is really a perfect pink lipstick for everyone. I believe mine to be Revlon’s Pink in the Afternoon.

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