Review: Essence Stay Natural Concealer

Hello again. 🙂 I’m here to review a product which is undoubtedly included in my Most Abused List, the Essence Stay Natural concealer.

Grubby product photo shots ahead. You have been warned. Forgive me, oh hardworking concealer. :/


I did mention this being on my Most Used and Abused List right?


Essence Stay Natural Concealer comes in a plastic (but sturdy, if I may add) packaging with a brush pen as an applicator. It comes in four shades and mine is the shade 01 Soft Beige. Actually, only two shades were available at the Essence counter in Watson’s. 03 Soft Nude was too dark for me so I opted for 01 Soft Beige. I had a little aversion in purchasing the 01 shade because it was a little pink-toned for my liking. It was the best choice though, as I found when I applied.


With the words, “stay natural” this Essence concealer isn’t that sheer. It still provided a fairly decent amount of coverage. I like using this for my undereyes, actually. Not entirely as a concealer but as an undereye brightener. I like using my no fail Collection 2000 concealer to banish my dark undereye circles but to illuminate the eye area, I turn to the Essence concealer. It’s perfect for giving a rather fresh look.


Disclaimer. I wanted to protect you all from the horrors of seeing my unkempt brows so I cropped the hell outta this picture. LOL. XD

Anyway, I think even without me telling, you can see in which eye area I applied the Essence Stay Natural concealer in the photo above. My left eye had now less of a shadowy area and looked more awake.

Have you ever tried this concealer? I think it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea since it doesn’t have much coverage.. but for brightening the undereye area, I think it does the job well for me. Plus, it’s super affordable too! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Review: Essence Stay Natural Concealer

  1. I don’t use concealer on a daily basis but I understand we need different type of them depending on the areas. Actually, something with sheer coverage works better for under eyes since it looks more natural without caking up. Thanks for sharing your favorite with us! 🙂

    • I don’t use concealer on a daily basis too. If I do, it’s just when I’ve had a rough night or couldn’t get much sleep. Lol. It saves me from looking like The Walking Dead. This concealer fits the bill for me though as I don’t need (or want) anything too heavy. I agree. Cakey undereye area can look a bit unsightly. :/

      Thanks for dropping by, Lena. 🙂

  2. I tried this before and I liked it! I remember that the little twisty thing on the bottom broke tho 😛 but it’s very affordable so no drama 🙂
    I’m using the Eraser by Maybelline right now and I adore it! Have you tried it?

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