Review: Apieu Magic Pore Cover Balm

Here’s the thing.. I always find Kkochipida‘s Facebook account dangerous, most especially when it’s that time of the month when she posts her glorious on sale items. I always have a raging internal battle to post “Mine!!!” on every photo. Tssk.

I usually only purchase Korean skincare products from this PH seller but I always, always, always manage to sneak in one more item that I don’t need. One such item is this, the Apieu Magic Pore Cover Balm.


Apparently, this little guy is a best-seller in Korea, made famous by the TV show Get It Beauty. For those who don’t know, Get It Beauty is a Korean show that tackles everything about beauty, be it about makeup or skincare. Each episode always has a demo/tutorial by a makeup artist (usually MUAs to the gorgous Korean stars), sometimes with famous actresses and idols with them as well, as they discuss the latest beauty trends in SoKor.


Anyway. I’ve had the Magic Pore Cover Balm for a while now actually (check photo… see what I mean?). It’s a solid, thick wax housed in a light green round container. It goes transparent once applied, mind you. The container has a sponge applicator included; though in another variant, which is the Moist one, the packaging comes with a spatuala. The product also has a slight citrus scent. Nothing too overpowering.

This balm acts as a primer or base and when applied, it really makes the skin appear soft and smooth to the touch. It can blur pores really well too.


However, one thing I dislike about the Magic Pore Cover Balm is that it has little to no oil control. I also find that it doesn’t really help in enhancing the wear time of whatever BB cream or foundation I’m using. If you’re going for an easy, natural look, a no-makeup fuss free day, I think this could suffice as your base. Use sparingly though, never overdo, and don’t forget to pat some setting powder on top.

* Not affiliated with Kkochipida or anything, but if you’re into Korean cosmetics do check her page out. Ms. Charm is the most accommodating seller, ever! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Review: Apieu Magic Pore Cover Balm

  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog.. 🙂 So you shop in Kkochipida too? I love that shop! Ms. Charm is very accomodating!
    Thanks for reviewing this product. I was thinking of getting this one once I finish my Pore Eraser from Maybelline but I was also considering the THEFACESHOP primer. I think it was also featured in Get It Beauty. The blind test thingy. Anyway. since it doesn’t have much oil control, I might skip on trying this out. I have quite the oily skin, you see. 🙂
    Do you have bloglovin? 🙂

    • Yes, I do! Also, I love that Ms. Charm gives freebies with every purchase. 🙂 Well, I’ve read a review that says the Pore Cover Balm kept her oilies at bay… was hoping it’d be the same for me. Alas, it didn’t. The search for an awesome oil-controlling primer continues! 😉

  2. Have you used Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector? How do you think it compares to Magic Pore Cover Balm? Is this primer your fave or do you have any other recs? I do like my primers to control shine…
    Sweetie, could you forgo your blog link the next time you leave a comment on my blog? Disqus marks it as spam; it’s such a shame to see your lovely comment flushed down the drain =[

    • Haven’t tried any Kiehl’s products yet actually. Wouldn’t say this is my fave primer but it does do a good job at smoothing and blurring my pores. I’ll check out that Kiehl’s product. Thanks!

      Aww. Okay. I didn’t know that. I’ll have to remember that next time. Thank you. 🙂

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